Quality and class are two factors that most people want. But these are also very difficult to find in this modern world. Even if you are willing to pay huge amounts of money, you may not be able to find such high quality items and classic looks. When we talk about the different things used almost every day, the blankets are at the top of the list. So when choosing the right one, be sure to choose something that gives the room a classic and elegant look. When it comes to quality and elegance, there is no other type of blanket as popular as the Pendleton blanket.


This special type of blanket was introduced to the market about 140 years ago. Pendleton is a family-owned company that has been known for the manufacture of woven products for decades. This actually comes as a continuation of a long tradition. They are symbols of many years of experience and heritage. So there is a sense of class and elegance even in hearing the name of this special type of blanket.

World-class quality that can compete with almost any other brand blanket:

The main advantage of these Pendleton blankets is that they are always produced with an extremely high quality level. Actually, at Pendleton, quality is a factor that no compromise is made at all. Nowadays, due to their high quality standards, they have become extremely popular with customers all over the world. Since these are part of a very old tradition, the company would ensure that his blankets could meet the quality or else the company would lose their goodwill and credibility that it took decades for them to earn.

Materials used and blanket style:

The Pendleton blankets are made of merino wool, which is one of the highest quality on the market. The cozy and comfortable feel these blankets give customers is the most important advantage these blankets have. They are available in different colors and designs on the market. The look of the blanket must complement the entire look of the room and the cot. The blanket must also be the right size. Too big and too small are both undesirable.