How to buy a foam crib mattress?

Buying the right foam mattress with enough research is important for your child to sleep well. You would never be wrong if you made a purchase from a reputable company. Find out the brand that parents trust when it comes to buying a crib mattress. There are some things to consider when buying a foam mattress. Look at the strength as well as the comfort that the mattress offers. You can try squeezing the mattress. If it bounces back, the mattress is firm enough to give your child good sleep.

Density of foam mattresses

Foam mattresses are usually made of a lightweight material called polyurethane. It is quite easy to handle as it is not heavy unlike other spring mattresses. Density measurement plays a crucial role when comparing mattresses. High density mattresses are considered solid. A typical mattress weighs anywhere from seven to thirteen pounds. It measures three to six inches thick. It is easier to replace the crib sheet because of the lighter weight of these crib mattresses.

Consider buying foam mattress mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are a special type of mattress. These retain impressions and shapes and if you press your hand into the foam, the handprint is held in the mattress. The baby mattresses are firmer than the adult products. Babies have trouble sleeping on a surface that is softer. The foam in baby crib mattresses is heavier and weighs up to 20 kilos. These are quite expensive than the traditional foam mattresses made of polyurethane. You can do an elasticity test before buying these mattresses. You just need to check how fast the mattress would run back when pressed. The mattress that springs back quickly has higher elasticity.

Waterproof mattress and made of organic materials

You may want to consider using the mattress pad or lacquer saver, but it would be beneficial if you choose a waterproof mattress. It always helps to have an extra layer of protection. Since your child would spend a lot of time on the mattress, it would be better to buy a product that would be safe on your child's skin. Having an organic protection or cushioning would be a big deal. You have to remember if you want to cover organic cotton is that they are not waterproof. You need to look for more protection options.

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