Navajo blankets refer to textiles traditionally produced by the Navajo population in the United States. Blankets and rugs made with these fabrics have been highly appreciated for centuries and are sought after as valuable items. Although the fabrics were originally used to manufacture various types of clothing including wrap dresses, belts, screens and gowns among others, the textiles are now used to make blankets and rugs among other materials. Choosing genuine Navajo blankets or quilts can be a challenge, especially if you don't know what to look for.


It is very important that you check the design of a Navajo blanket to buy. A genuine blanket will have uniform width all around. Both vertical and horizontal lines should be uniform and remain straight throughout the blanket. It is also a good idea to determine how tight the weaving is. Unlike machine-made Navajo blankets, handmade blankets have a dense fine weave. Note that the rugs have a thick fabric that is coarse. You must also make sure that you cannot see through the blanket.

Color Quality

The Navajo people relied on dyes to create blankets and rugs in various non-bleaching colors. This is something you need to look for in a Navajo blanket. Although Navajo blankets are available in different colors, authentic blankets have colors that do not fade. A practical way to determine this is to rub a blanket between your hands to see if color remains in the palms or not.


Just like any other genuine material or item, authentic Navajo blankets can be very expensive. Some are actually listed at $ 4,000. The price is mainly determined by the following factors:


Blankets made of Navajo people are very durable and therefore last a long time. Although designed to be strong, it does not pose any problems to maintain and care for the blankets. Sometimes washing before venting to dry should be enough to keep the blankets clean and fresh.