The main attraction and decoration in all bedrooms is a perfect bed. You always have to choose the perfect bed size to suit your bedroom and your lifestyle. A king size bed is a bed that is neither too small as a single bed or two as a double bed. So this bed size is very suitable for a growing teenager, who needs a little more space to comfortably sleep with his belongings in a bed. As a teenager, they usually prefer to work most on their own bed. So king size bed is usually preferred for a growing children's room.

King Bed Single Dimension:

107 cm by 204 cm is the standard size for a king size bed, which is very suitable for all teenagers.

Decoration of the room with a king-size bed:

Although the king single bed takes up more space than a regular single bed but if you have a standard size bedroom you have enough space to decorate your room with other furniture very easily. You usually have two options that are perfect for decorating a room that has a single bed with king.

♦ Place the bed in the middle of the room, then on one side, preferably the side that has the bathroom opening, place your wardrobe and dressing table or mirror and place your study or computer desk and bookcase on the other side of the room.


♦ Place the bed at one end of the room and arrange other furniture in appropriate locations.

It will change the room's atmosphere and make the room so elegant if you hang a beautiful portrait or landscape over the bed and use some spotlights focused on the image.