Mattress topper buying guide

A top mattress is a perfect variant for keeping the mattress clean. There are many benefits to such toppers. First and foremost, the waterproof shell of some top mattresses keeps clean despite small accidents and spills. If a topper does not have such a waterproof shell, it still acts as a barrier between the mattress and its users. The other important advantage is the extra comfort. The tops are made of a soft and flexible filling and allow users to enjoy a comfortable sleep. In addition, those who want to get rid of the old mattress and buy a new decision and just use a topper. If you have decided to buy it now, here is a short guide.

Different materials

Of course, all people will have their own favorites. Some people have allergies so they need toppers made from natural materials. Some people want their beds to be extra soft. Some people prefer to have waterproof protection on the tops, as there are children in the house. Still, there are hundreds of materials so everyone will find the best option: wool, down feather, foam, memory foam, etc.

Memory Foam

When it comes to mattress toppers made of memory foam, not all people will be able to buy them. Although these top mattresses are the most comfortable, they are also the most expensive. They provide the support needed and help people suffering from joint pain.


Made of natural wool, such mattresses are top resistant to bugs and mites. They are durable and easy to clean. But these toppers can also cost a lot. Yet you pay for the quality.

Down Feather

These mattress toppers are made of delicate down feathers, so they give the customers a lot of softness. In addition, they reduce movements at night so people can sleep better. Another advantage of these toppers is the opportunity to save more heat.

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